75th Anniversary: Building Bridges To A Productive, Just and Sustainable Future
The College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences invites the submission of papers, posters, panel discussions and workshop proposals for its 75th Annual Professional Agricultural Workers Conference. We are accepting abstracts related to the theme and other related topics.   
**The deadline has been extended to October 25,  2017.***
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The 75th PAWC is selecting the following type of proposals. Please select one from the list below.

Oral Presentations Proposal Guidelines

Oral  presentations provide an opportunity for several speakers to present their findings/papers in a formal setting. Individual abstracts are grouped with abstracts focusing on a similar topic to create 60 -90 minute session. Presenters typically have 15 minutes to present their paper and 5 minutes for question and answer.  

Abstracts should be submitted in the following format: (1) 350 words or less, (2) double space, (3) title of the presentation, (4) author (s), (5) institution or organization and (6) point of contact.    PAWC accepts both research related and outreach presentations.  Outstanding abstracts/presentations will be asked to submit full papers to the Professional Agricultural Workers Journal. 
Panel Proposal Guidelines

{{answer_QaN9pyiHGbgs}}This format is designed to encourage the exchange of ideas, methods and/or experiences among groups of people around a central topic. The purpose is to encourage contact among individuals who may benefit from shared experiences, or to air different views on a controversial topic. The panel chair will introduce the topic and panelists will respond to questions chosen by the chair. The audience should be given an opportunity to respond and to introduce additional questions and comments for the panel. Please submit the following:  (1) Title of the Panel , (2)  Chair- Organizer and Moderator of the panel discussion, (3)  Panelist – Please include the names and institutional affiliations of the panelists and chair , (4)       Description of the topic (maximum 350 words), (5)Brief list of proposed questions that the panel will address, (6)  Contact information for the organizer (name, email address, telephone number)  
 Please note panel discussions can range from 30- 60 minutes depending on the topic. In addition, only a limited number of panel discussions will be accepted. 
Workshop Proposal Guidelines

We are accepting a limited number of workshops to be presented at the 75th PAWC. A workshop can ranged from 30 – 60 minutes.  A PAWC workshop must have clearly defined outcomes and interactive components.

If you are interested in presenting a workshop, please submit the following information: (1) Title of the workshop, (2) Description of the workshop (maximum of 350 words), (3) Learning Objectives (Please describe what the participants will learn from the proposed workshop), (3) Propose Format for the Workshop, (4) Speaker (s) Information, (and (5) Point of Contact information (name, email & phone number)
Poster Presentation Guidelines

The PAWC  Poster Session provides an excellent forum for authors to present their work in an informal and interactive setting. Posters are ideal for presenting speculative, late breaking results or for giving an introduction to interesting, innovative work. Posters are intended to provide authors and participants with the ability to connect with each other and engage in discussion about the work. Posters that present work in progress and draw important conclusions from practical experience are also welcome.

We are accepting abstracts for posters. Please submit an abstract with the following information:   (1) title of the poster, (2
) Double space, (3) 350 words maximum, (4) Name of the Authors, (5) Institution , (6) Point of contact information (address, phone numbers and email)  

Posters should be 4' x 4' or smaller.
Roundtable Presentation Guidelines

  Roundtable discussions emphasize spirited discussion between the presenter(s) and session attendees about central questions. Presenters spend about 5 minutes introducing the main idea, problem, and/or challenge they wish to explore, and then open the discussion for input and exchange of ideas among participants. Examples and interactive materials focused around the idea or issue are expected; however, there should be no formal presentations such as PowerPoints.

Roundtable discussions will typically last 30 minutes with several sessions occurring in the same room. Each presenter will be assigned a table. Presenters will have a half hour, in-depth discussion  with the attendees at the table. After the half hour, the attendees will have the option to continue the discussion or select a new table or topic.  No audio-visual equipment will be provided for roundtable sessions. 

If you are interested in leading a roundtable discussion, please submit the following information: (1) title/topic of discussion, (2) description of the topic (maximum of 350 words) and (3) examples of proposed discussion questions.  
Thank you for submitting your abstract for the 75th PAWC.   For questions or if additional information is needed, please email pawc@mytu.tuskegee.edu or
visit our website at www. pawc.info