Tomorrow's Agricultural  Professional Symposium (TAPS)
Tuskegee University College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences will host its annual Tomorrow's Agricultural Professional Symposium on December 3-5, 2017 in conjunction with the 75th PAWC. This youth conference is designed to acquaint high school juniors and seniors with hands on experience in agriculture. Applications must be submitted by November 1, 2017.

Is now closed.  Please email for additional information

The theme for the 2017 TAPS is "Leading the World in the Production and Sustainability of Foods to Nourish Our Mind, Body, and Spirit".  TAPS is a reflection of the Tuskegee University College of Agriculture, Environment and Nutrition Sciences' commitment to increase the awareness of educational and career opportunities in the fields of food, agriculture, natural resources and related sciences for youth as a means of addressing  workforce concerns.  The goals of TAPS are achieved through a series of  hands on experiences, including wet labs and site visits as well as leadership development and personal enrichment activities that bring home agricultural issues of today and tomorrow as well as the participant's role in addressing these issues!
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Please read the information below prior to submitting your scholarship application.  Each scholarship will include conference registration and shared hotel accommodations.  Hotel accommodations may be off-site and may not be at the conference hotel.  

Travel stipends are not included with the  scholarship.

Scholarship recipients are required to attend all sessions.  In addition, scholarship recipients will be asked to complete a survey/evaluation form.

TAPS scholarship recipients are required to have an adult chaperon. The adult chaperon must be approved by the TAPS committee.    

Scholarships do not include:
1. incidental expenses at the hotel such as telephone calls, tips, room service or pay-per view movies and etc.
2. any meals not included on the conference agenda;
(3) additional costs for extra family members or guests in hotel rooms

Scholarships are not based on the date that the application was submitted.

Photography/Video/Media Release:
For the purpose of providing information, photographs and/or videos for publications and other marketing developed by Tuskegee University  its employees, administrators, agents, volunteers, presenters, designated representatives, partners, funding sources, and/or assigned to promote programs and activities associated with the TAPS conference.
I authorize the CAENS/TAPS conference committee to release information about my participation, use,publish, and republish materials related to TAPS without any restriction by CAENS, its employees, presenters, agents, volunteers, partners, funding agents and etc.  I understand that information may bay be provided verbally,  or by computer data transfer, mail, fax or hand delivery. I understand and agree to the release of information authorized  in this form. I understand that I may revoke this release in writing at any time, but I understand that revocation will not affect any information that was already released. I
 Please indicate that you accept by submitting this form. 
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Thank you for submitting your 2017 TAPS application.  Your will receive notification by November 15, 2017.